Monday, March 30, 2009

I miss the cold weather?!?!

It's true. Today as I was listening to The Eye of the World (a fantasy series I know, but I'd thought I'd give it a try and see if I mind the genre) and it was describing the fall season; where you would have to put on a sweater to head out. Say 4 degrees. And as I was listening to it, it suddenly struck me that I missed that weather. The late fall, where the ground is cold and the morning frost takes awhile to dissipate. For the moment I pictured myself throwing on pants and a sweater, and walking the path near my house, taking a seat on the large rock in our backyard and feeling its cold slowly seep through. I'd sit and ponder the impending winter and review over the summer; look forward to the winter games whilst missing the summer ones.

It was a strange feeling. It lasted longer than I thought it would. I even turned off my book so that I could focus my entire mind on the memories and images. I could feel the cold. And then it was gone. I sighed, and knew that every time that weather comes around I like it at first, but after a few days I wish to be right where I am now, where it's 20+. So there that was.

Then, tonight back at my apartment, a couple of my roommates were talking about how they had never seen snow and the feeling came back again. My roommates are from Brazil, and India and where they lived it only got down to about 5 degrees at most. I copied some pictures and videos of me snowboarding to show them what it's like. They were impressed. I tried to imagine what it would be like not ever seeing snow; not ever feeling a winter that cold, and I was glad that I have. We are lucky to get 4 full seasons in Canada and to reach both temperature extremes I decided. That feeling passed again, and I moved on.

It was a fun flashback, but I'll have to wait until this October when I'm back home to feel it for real again.

Anyways, I'm off to sleep now. Hope all is well with all.


Late Fall

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