Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Videos from the Zoo

Here is the playlist of videos I took from the zoo yesterday. I laughed at myself a few times, I am not going to lie. The last video is the best. I'm retarded sometimes, but I wouldn't have it any other way :) My guess is that it's due to my awesomeness. Mhmm.

I need to learn how to cook. Really. I failed at making a sauce for noodles tonight. Refused to let the sauce simmer long enough because I was hungry, ended up too watery, tasted like crap. I also made too many noodles and peas but forced myself to eat it all. It is such a simple meal to make and yet I failed. Sigh. Next time I'll get it...I'm sure of this...



Mum said...

Great videos Andrew. I especially like the tortoise one. I felt so sorry for him trying to get up on the ledge, poor guy must suck having to carry your house on your back everywhere you go. Sorry to hear your pasta dinner didn't turn out :( Keep trying though!!
I will teach you how to cook when you come home.
Love you.
Mum xoxox

Christine said...

Hey ... Don't worry about cooking ! I offically suck. I made pasta - Tortilenni with cheese .. u know the one I always get for my bday dinner ? The pasta with the red and white sauce ? Well I was on the phone when I poured the noddles in the pot then I realized it was boiling so I figured it was done. NOT !! I only boiled the pasta for 2 mins and it was raw inside, Glenn was not impressed !!! Don't feel bad we will suck together and hey at least we can admit it !!