Sunday, March 8, 2009

Recovering from a wild night...

Mardi Gras was crazy. I have never seen a parade that big, or that many people on and about the streets after. I invited some friends to my apartment which is right in front of where the parade passes. We had some drinks and partied, then headed down to a friends flat on the first floor to get a better view. The ledge right in front we were not allowed to go on as it is not a real balcony, at least that is what the building manager and the police kept telling us. We didn't care though, they were just being overly cautious. We kept sneaking out until they gave up on telling us to get off hehe.

Here are some of the pictures I took that turned out.

Here is a link to a playlist of the videos I took. I put them in order for ya :)

It was an experience I am glad that I had and one that I will remember for awhile.


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Mum said...

Looks like Mardi Gras was quite the event and what a great spot to take it all in from. Hope you had a good time, likely something you will not forget..
Love ya.
Mum xoxox