Friday, March 13, 2009

Opera House tour and Random picz

Opera house photoHey hey hey. Just got back from my tour of the Opera house. It was informative and quite an interesting building to say the least. Check out the pictures! We were not allowed to take pictures of the 2 main theaters but I tried to do it anyways hehe. It took 16 years and 107 million to finish the building; it was estimated at 3 years and 7 million FYI, so they were just a tad off the estimate. It's well worth it now, but while it was being built the government fired the architect in a way and he never came back to Oz to see his finished building. It would be worthwhile to go and see a performance there one day. Thank you Jeff for the chance to check out this one of a kind building :) Maybe I'll take you to a concert there one day.

But yeah, afterwards I felt in the picture taking mood so I took some random ones as I was walking home. Here are some of my favourites:

Yay! I finally got a rollover image to work!!!
I went on a picture spree of stickers I saw on poles. Yup.

I like this one for some reason.

The fadedness of the graffiti adds to the picture me thinks.

But anyways here are the two different albums.

Opera House Tour
The walk home from the opera house tour - Random + graffiti pics

You've been a great audience,


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Anonymous said...

Andrew, I've been following your blog and its been an amazing journey through your eyes. I'm sure I'll never get to Australia, so thanks! Your photos are awesome -- you should really think about pursuing photography. Also, just wanted to say Happy Birthday! Hugs, Gloria