Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The wall of death, and a golden orb

Just some videos I had forgotten to post.

The first is of the wall of death Mike and I saw while at the Anberlin show at UNSW. We have VIP access so I was able to film from up on the balcony. It would have been fun to join in though :)

The second is of a HUGE spider I almost walked into after the show was over and we were touring the university. I did not consider the fact that bigger spiders here in Australia means much bigger webs. This one spanned the meter and a half walkway! Anyway, it gave me quite a jolt and I am glad that I took this video to remind me of that. You can find out more info in the Youtube description and here.

Here is a picture I took of him for a bit better perspective.

Well, enjoy for now. I am off to bed early so I can have an early start to my day tomorrow :)


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