Monday, December 1, 2008

Day 3,4,5 - Damn you internets

Howdy all,

sorry for the delay of posties but I have been quite busy lately just living it up in Sydney. The job and accommodation search has begun. There is a lot of competition here in Sydney and it'll be interesting to see how long it takes for me to find a job.


Also, I will upload all of my pictures as soon as I can find better internet. Without proper internet I feel so cut-off. I tried for a bit today to learn how to hack into the networks near the hostel with no avail. It might have to wait till I get a place because they usually come with free high speed internet.

As for my new friends. I have met Damien from France and today a girl named Jill from Windsor. Yup definitely come to Australia to meet other Canadians lol. Mike has gotten his bag back from the airline so that was a bonus for him. We can now go to the beach sometime soon. I'm thinking Wed or Thurs. We are also going to head to the Sydney aquarium possibly tomorrow.

Anyways, sorry again for the crappy post qualities but that is only until I have the full internet unleashed at my fingertips. Then you will be oh so envious that you are not here.

Thats the website we are looking for a place from. We want a place around Paddington, Darlinghurst, Surry Hills, Taylor Square. Anywhere not directly in the central business disctrict but not too far from the city as well. A 25 min walk max. It will be Mike and I, so either 2 rooms or a double room for around 170-200 a week. If anyone just happens to hop on that site and see anything good do message me.

I'm off to the dunny (toilet), the pics I tried to upload haven't worked so F it. Wait! there they are...

There is no way for you to understand how massive the harbour bridge is unless you see it yourself. But as a reference, the little tiny specs at the top of the bridge are people. Uh huh.

Me in standing on the opera house with the city at my back. And yeah, thats palm trees in the park to the left. Meow

It is awesome here.




Christine said...

Hey You !!! Your pictures are great ! Im glad that they worked !! I am happy that you have met some cool people to hang out with !! Good luck with the job search, I'm sure you'll find something soon !!! Hopefully you'll be able to hack the net soon then you won't have to pay anymore ! Enjoy your day and thanks for the bday wishes ! I thought you had forgotten with all your travelling !! Anyways chat soon !! xoxo

Christine said...

PS NICE SHOES !!!! lol

Mum said...

Hey Love,
Wow, awesome!!! Glad to see you have been out exploring and seeing the sights. Hopefully, the job/accomodation search will be successful and you and Mike find something soon. Keep taking lots of pictures...
Talk soon.
Love you.

Trev said...

Hey Andrew, so i got up early in order to study but instead i have decided to read your entire web page. The pictures look great and that bridge must be huge. I dont know if u have done this already but u should buy a photography album so u can keep all your little souvenirs like your plane ticket, flyers from the hostel, and anything else. It is kinda cool to look back at the book and remember where you got everything. I dunno, something to think. Well i guess i have to study now seeing how i have done everything else. Have fun, and how is Australian beer?

Anonymous said...

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