Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Boxing Day Haul

Wow, I actually went shopping for clothes yesterday for 5 hours!. My wardrobe needed a bit of an update and it got it. Check out my haul.

Note how I can easily go from looking sexy to looking retarded in the pictures.

Me showing off 2 new ties and white work shirt, looking retarded.
Me looking sexy showing off my new Billabong shirt.
This dress shirt is by a brand called David and Goliath. Never heard of it before but it is vintage inspired and I look sexulant in it.

RIP CURL!!!! I bought this kickass black dress shirt and sweet shorts from Australia's surfing brand Rip Curl. I'm jealous that all the ladies get to look at me in this get-up.

Do I look sexy or retarded?

Anyways, I think my roommates and I are headed out tonight. Ill try some new clothes and let you know how impressed everyone at the club is.


Australia's Next Top Sexy Guy Model That's Straight


Christine said...

Love the clothes Andrew !!!

They look great, for a second I thought you had bought checkered pants in your first picture !! Glad to see that they were shorts !!

Hope you have a great week !!!

Enjoy the sun and I'll msg you from florida !!! xoxox

Christine said...

PS Sweet Ties !!!!

Anonymous said...

You look very gay, and are just abnormally gay, get that checked maybe.

Mum said...

hey, you know who anomymous is right?
That would be Jeff...
I think you look great and I really like the clothes that you bought.Good job...
O yeah I downloaded firefox and I can get on to your blog page now, weird eh?
Anyhow enjoy your day at the beach, think long and hard about buying that surfboard and stuff...
Love ya.
Mum xoxo