Saturday, December 20, 2008


Finally. After 3 weeks of frustration, anxiety, failure, and small successes. I now have internet that is uninhibited by a slow speed. All the ideas of stuff that I want to put up on the blog can now happen.

So sit back, click, and enjoy, because from now on it gets better. :)


leet h4x0r


Mum said...

So now, no more excuses for not posting on the blog or downloading pictures on a regular basis k.....
love you and have a great weekend.

Matty said...

Meades, Lets see some pictures of you surfing those waves now.... We'll print them off and put them up in our living room, right beside the paper fish. Take it easy bud, congrats again on the job, internet and not having to sleep with your roommate anymore.

Joey K said...

i don't believe you're in Australia...
wheres the photo proof?..
you should start a FLICKR feed.
and a tip for uploading quickly..
change the resolution of the pictures, make them smaller, and use a lower quality jpeg encoding.

that makes them a small file size so it uploads quickly.

You have photoshop dont you?

Christine said...

Still loving the messages you post !! Skype soon ?? Miss you, this week will be definitely weird without u !! Did u ever get my email by the way ?? Anyways your sleeping right now so have a great monday !!! Chat soon !!! xoxo

Christine said...

PS ... We have two pages of your blog now !! YEAH !!!