Friday, December 5, 2008

Day 6,7,8 – The searching, the stress, and the most famous beach in the world

**** Fail again. I went to Mcdonalds to try and upload 4 pictures to the blog and the internet is so slow that my battery has died before it can finish...****

Tomorrow I will spend the day at the beach and relax. The last three days have been filled with too much stress. Finding a place to live has been the leading cause, it is hard but we will find one, of that I am sure. Most of the places we have seen were too sketchy, too small, and too much money.

Throughout the last 3 days I have:

Visited Bondi

Visted Sydney University

Ate at deep fried mars bar.... mmm soo bad but soo good

Ate at an all you can eat Japanese lunch bar.... tried sushi... still not the biggest fan.

Tomorrow I will relax. Spend a day at the beach here in Bondi. Surf. We still have to travel back into Sydney to view a place at 5. Hopefully it is nice. It better be a nice day tomorrow. The last two have been crappy, but we have been too busy to notice to be honest. Mike and I have still managed to walk around Bondi a fair bit. Here are some pics others I will post when I have access to my phone cord:

Anyways, I am going to try and go to bed now. I need rest. I hope everything is well at home for all of you. And that snow. Tee hee hee

** Side note, I am getting ever closer to finding out how to 'borrow' peoples internets. That will be a glorious day when I manage to do that.

Also, it has taken me 20 minutes of just waiting for these pics to upload. And now it has decieded not to work....grrr....


Trev said...

Go hit those WAVES!!!!!!!! Take pictures surfing.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you are having such a hard time finding somewhere to live, try not to get too stressed about it though. I'm sure something will come up and once you find a place, finding work will be easier as well. Enjoy your day at the beach and remember to wear your rash shirt!!!Keep smiling....
Love you.
Mum xoxo

Chromer said...

Meades, gratz on finding the new house, it must be a relief.. although your roomies will never be as cool as the ones you had in Guelph, I'm sure you'll have a blast.

Christine said...

I'm sure you'll be able to post pictures in your new place !!! Have a great day today !! Hopefully its a beautiful day !! Chat soon !! xoxo

Matty said...

You'll get a place sooner than later I am sure. Good to see that you are getting a few things crossed off your to do list already. Hope that you don't get schooled by too many hot surfer girls at the beach... but if you do I hope that you atleast get their numbers. Anyways, take care
Bye for now