Saturday, November 29, 2008

Day 2 - Orientation

Yesterday I had my orientation with International Exchange Program (IEP). Wow I am really glad that I registered with SWAP, just for the help that IEP gives you its completely worth it. Not only did I learn lots about Australia and Sydney (Oz is the only country that eats both its national animals, the emu and kangaroo) but I can use IEP to help me find a job and accomdation. During the summer months here in Sydney its tough to find anything available just due to the large amount of people who come here. But yeah, as soon as I get a job it'll be great so I can start spending more freely.

IEP also hosts events, and I plan on going to one on Dec. 5. Its a bar on top of a hotel that appearently has an amazing view. I'll let you know. That is also

I got drunk with some German buddies last night. Christoph, Chirstofer, and Robin. It was my first international drinking experience! It was fun to exchange drinking stories with someone from a different country. I am jealous of the Germans though, they order their beers by the half liter. I learnt that the dialects between provinces are so different that east, west, north, south and central germans have a hard time understanding each other. Unfortunately they have to leave today, but that is the life of a traveller. Meet someone one day, gone the next.

I have also met Mike, my SWAP buddy also from Toronto so I have someone to travel with which is good. He is just trying to see if the airport can find his luggage since they managed to lose it on his way here. Brutal.

Last night we all ended up at Kings Cross which is the red light district here in Sydney. They seems to have all their sketchy shops and bars on the one street, but we managed to find a nice one there.

Anyways, I'm off now. Not sure what I am doing yet but I will find something I assure you. Wait now I know, its find free internets. Yum.


Klesc said...

Hey buddy...great to hear things are going well already...couldn't be more proud of you man. With that said, I'm gonna miss ya while you're away but it'll just make it that much better when you're back. I am also tres jealous as I know have to occupy myself with writing papers and preping for some exams...LAME.

Keep it real broseph!

Anonymous said...

Hey Meadesy - cool notes on your trip/adventure! sounds like you're doing well and having the time of your life. i thought i was a radical traveller when i was young, but you rule! stay well and keep your eyes open,

Christine said...

Hey Andrew !!! Glad you had a great night out with the Germans !!! You'll have to teach them your flip cup abilities !! HaHa Have you made it to the beach yet ?? What did u do yesterday ? Huge storm coming to Barrie today :( Wish I was in OZ with you !! Hopefully only a matter of time !!
Stay well, love always,
Chris xoxo

Matty said...

Great to hear that you are meeting people down under. I hope that you showed those german guys how we drink beers in canada, even though we may have to deal with the smaller size of the beer itself. Oh and FYI, you should ask Chromer the documentary he saw on koala bears. It was pretty sweet. Anyways take care bud, talk to you soon

Chromer said...

Hey man, good to see your that your on your feet and getting shit together.. i'm sure we'll be chattin before too long (hopefully a little more constructive than last time).. be sure to make up for our lack of fun while we're all having to deal with examers and shit..

Later bud, chromer

P.S. the koala bear documentary was pretty insane.. i cant wait for the sequel

Joey K said...

stay away from that red light district!