Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Internet Explorer Issue

Apparently there is an issue with internet explorer being able to view the blog. I believe the cause is the playlist on the blog. I have removed it for now and will see if that clears it up.

Otherwise, just get mozilla firefox people. It is much more secure/faster and when you install ad blocker plus add-on, you never have to see another internet ad again. Oh glorious day.



Christine said...

Greetings from Florida !!

Yes I agree !!! Firefox is the best ... I only use that!!!

I will skype you this week !! Beautiful sunny day here! I Met some new friends and got wasted last night! Good times !!

Neways I think its time for some new pictures !!

Have a good day and I think its NEW YEARS for you ?? So ............


sallymckee said...

folaHi Boo,
I'am so glad you got your blog up and running for us. I have checked everyday since xmas and wasn't able to get up-dated on your adventures. I love reading from your blog. You sure look sexy in all your new clothes. The Aussie girls must definately be knocking at the door!!!!!!!!!! Want to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR and look forward to all your exciting adventures. Love A.Sally