Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Dec. 19th - Uhh about those daily posts...

Yeah.... sorry. Wed all I did was work and then work on cracking WEP. Really not much to report about.

Thursdays I have to work late because it is the shopping night in Sydney. All shops are open late thursdays so I worked 10 to 8. Immediately after that, IEP was hosting its Chrissy(aus for chirstmas) party, so I went to that. It was fun. Mike and I met some new people. Guess where they were all from. Yup, Canada. But it was still a fun night. I tried this drink called Snakebite, it is basically beer with grinadine in it. I couldn't decide if I like it or not to be honest, at times it was a little too fruity and then at others it was ok.

And today. I worked!!!!111!1oneoneone Earning the moula. Uhh. As I was walking to work I saw what I thought was a crazy old lady, holding an apple poked on the end of a stick up to a tree. Only then did I realize that she was not crazy, but was feeding a possum family up in the tree. Check her out.
I honestly thought she was bat crazy. Old people eh?

She was just feeding this little mummy. :-)

For dinner I have a coupon to the japanese place across the street. I get a free upgrade to a large beef bowl. Mmmm.

So, peace for now, I'll make sure I do something a little more interesting for the next post. Probably toss em up with the hobo that plays the recorder down the street. We'll see.

That guy.

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