Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Day 26 - Time off from work...

Ahh. I woke up this morning at 10:30 and it felt good. Finally a chance to sleep in; a morning where I was not in a rush to get my suit on, have breakfast, and rush to work. To be honest to you, it was starting to feel like I was back home in the sense that I'd get up and go to work everyday. But hey, it is needed, and so it is done. Thankfully, I do not have to work for any of the holidays. I have the 23rd to 26th off and the 30th to the 2nd off. That is AWESOME.

During this time, I am going to work on my blog, travel some places I have yet to be, relax and enjoy the holidays. It is going to be strange celebrating Christmas with the family confined to the little viewing area of a laptop or tv screen, but at least this technology is available, which is better than the alternative.

There are Christmas trees all throughout Sydney. A notable one is located in Darling Harbour, which is composed of hundreds of strings of lights and has a Kangaroo which hops all the way up to the top.

A way cool sight. Still the lack of snow is quite strange I'd say.

Onward. I am currently trying to upload some videos to my new youtube account. It is taking forever, I am not sure whether it is not working or that it is just a slow process. I will give it more time and see. But nonetheless, some videos of sharks and the aquarium are on the way, so heads up.

Mike, Henrik and I went to Pizza Hut again today. We have lots of food now. On the way we came across this awesome bull statue.

The statue is anatomically correct.

And I tamed this mighty beast FYI.

So hopefully you will have some new videos soon. But for now I need to get some groceries. I'll keep in touch, but from outside your touchable distance.

Anne Drew

*Success. Check out these videos from the aquarium.


And this one of my favourite animal so far.



Mum said...

It was nice chatting to you last night finally...Glad you have some time off to enjoy the holidays and yes it will be a very strange Christmas for me without you around for the first time in 22 years!!! :(
Anyway, looking forward to our Christmas chat. Love you lots...

Matty said...

Meades, Glad to hear that Steve and I fnally touht you something useful... how to tame a wild bull... you seem to handle it better than the cows you saw at school ;) good to hear that you have a few days off, I am sure they will be of great use and with all the things you have to see, will go by before you know it. Good luck with the surfing and hopefully we will get chatting on skype soon. Have a good one, Bye for now

Christine said...

Awesome you tube video's, and that lady by the tree is definitely interesting !! The tree is my favorite picture so far on your blog! Christmas will be very sad without you but hopefully we will skype and actually talk with you !!!

Enjoy your day off and hopefully we will talk with u tomorrow cause i guess its christmas for you tomorrow !!! YEAH !!!! :) Well talk tomorrow forsure !! Miss you xoxo