Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dec. 16th 2008 - Another day at the beach

I have just returned home from doing groceries and figured I should do a quick blog post about my day.

I went to the beach. It was nice and sunny, and I am finally starting to get a tan now. Mike and I went to Bondi again. Umm we kinda never took any pictures today seeing as I was surfing the entire time and Mike was body boarding. Oh well. But seriously though, that beach is awesome. There are always thousands of people there on a nice sunny day. As for surfing...

I got my ass kicked lol. The waves were about 1.5 meters, which is about 5 to 6 feet, and way to big for a beginner surfer. But that didn't stop me from trying. I got up on some whitewash from the waves a few times and I had a kickass ride lying down on my board where I actually cut across the wave. I really need to strengthen my swimming skills though, my arms got so tired by the end that I couldn't even lift my body up off the board to stand up. Also, at one point too I must of got caught in a riptide when not paying attention because I ended up way out past all the surfers. It was alright though, even though I was tired, I just slowly caught the waves back to shore.

The lifeguards at the beach do an awesome job as well. They are everywhere. Even patrolling on seadoo's waiting for a surfer that doesn't come up. On a particularly bad fall of mine where I got nailed by a couple huge waves and the board flew up into the air, the lifeguard on the seadoo came over to where he had seen me fall looking if I needed any help. But I was already back on my board going for some more hehehe. Also, the others surfers around look out for people needing help, so even if you are as inexperienced as I was it is still a pretty safe place to surf.

I want to try one of the surfing schools though because I need to work on the fundamentals of surfing that I lack, like duckdiving underneath the wave, and also picking a good wave to try and ride. All in all though... awesome day.

Now I am going to go and catch some ZzzzZzz's

Goodnight all.



Mum said...

Glad to hear you had fun at Bondi but, do me a favour and take some surfing lessons please!!!
Love you.
Mum xoxo

Chromer said...

Meades!! hola from Antigua.. good to hear that you got to hit the waves, it's gunna take a lot of practice but you'll be a pro by the end.. and the chicks always love the surfers.. i'll be sure to check out the rest when i get on some reliable (and cheap) internets.. and good luck with the tan it's gunna feel nice to be a brinze god, i know i cant wait
Later, chromer

ROBOTS said...

Ohhh how sweet life is... Glad to hear you're making some decent cash and getting chances to go surfing you lucky bastard. i was doing some surfing myself the other day. It was on my driveway, a long stretch of ice. You can just imagine me working my skills on that (frozen) water. Well actually tomorrow I''m going to be doing something a bit closer to that. Snowboarding!! yaaa. I'll be hitting up the mountain tomorrow. Who's Jealous Now? Yaaa it's still me. And golly geeeeeeeeeeeeesssss get on those Pics already.
Love, Robots

Christine said...

Hey !!! Happy to hear you had a great day at the beach !!! I guess surfing is a little different than in north carolina eh !!! Is the water pretty warm ? Wish I was surfing instead of working Blah blah ... I can't believe you have alreay been in oz for 20 days !!! I think we chat more now than when you were in markham !! I enjoy seeing what your up too and finding out if your okay !!!
Hope to see pictures soon !!!
Love ya !! xoxo

Matty said...

Meades, The job sounds like it is a good experience... as in something you would never of done if you were still in Canada. I am sure you will get better at surfing as the time goes by and you obviously didn't play enough inner tube water polo if your arms are getting tired from swimming. Take it easy bud, Bye for now