Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Time to travel...

Ahhh not having internet at the apartment the last few nights has left me feeling like a part of me is missing. My internet part. It's a bad addiction I know...

FINALLY, it is time for me to travel. I've dreamed of this day for too long, and now that it is upon me there is a strange feeling. As excited to bid Sydney farewell, I know that I am going to miss this city. I know I am going to miss having an apartment where I can just leave things around where I want; you cannot do that in a hostel, at least if you want to keep your things. But yes, it is time for a change.

First up: Surf camp at Spot X for 3 nights. Spot X is in a secret location 3 hours south of Byron Bay.
Then to Byron Bay for 3 nights.
Then it is to Brisbane I think, for a few nights.
That is as far as I have planned out right now. I like only having a week and a bit planned ahead, that way plans can change easily.

I'm a little hung-over today, I won't lie. I went out bowling with IEP and my friends last night. Had some fun, said some goodbyes. I will see my friends again though when I stop back in Sydney for my flight I'm sure.

Well, I need to go and finalize my packing and do my last minute preparations so I am going to go now. I will post at the surf camp if they have internet. Otherwise as soon as I get into Byron I will. So, my readers, I hope all is well for you for the next little while, and remember, never be afraid to head out into the unknown. Jump in feet first if you must, shake up your world a little when it gets too boring and mundane. I am. And I am going to have a life where I always will.

Bye for now,

is outta here :)

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Chromer said...

Good luck bud