Friday, May 1, 2009

5 months and I'd never been to Watson's Bay...

At about 2 o'clock today I ventured out to Watson's bay, a part of Sydney I had never been to before. Not even that, I didn't even think of heading there to be honest. It was only when my friend Brian posted on Twitter that he just came back from trip there, that it donned on me to go. Even as late in the day that I did end up there, it was still beautiful and awe-inspiring. Such an incredible view of the city is gained from there. Don't believe me? Here are some pictures.

Also, I attempted to take some pictures of the birds there as well. That ain't easy. Kudos to professional bird photographers, they must have plenty of patience and a great eye.

I took bus 380 to get there from my apartment. It was about a 45 minute bus ride. When I first arrived, I stepped out looking at Watson's bay, and took this picture of the city between a couple trees.

You can see the city ferry coming in the bottom right. There is also a ferry port here.

I turned and continued up to Gap Park and took this video of my view.

No dogs allowed. $150 if you climb over the fence. I was tempted to at some points.

It's a shear cliff face that looks like its been made that way by human means. I'm sure to save us from it collapsing while on it.

I followed along the paths for about 10 minutes, listened to the birds chirping. I could have sworn I heard monkeys, I don't know why or how, but I did. I eventually came to the end of the line. Onwards was another park that I didn't have access to.

From there you could see the opening to Sydney Harbour.

Someone cut their name into this plant. BHJ 06-07, really wanted to be remembered but was too lazy to scratch it into the rock like everyone else. Sigh.

I then took this video of the view from one of the highest points. I didn't manage to capture a big splash at the end like I wanted.

A shot of the view.

I then headed down to the bus stop to catch my ride back home. The bus stop is not that far from the best viewpoint.

Then while waiting for the bus drivers break to end I went around trying to take some pictures of the colourful birds you see around here. I did manage this nice one.

Here is a map of the Bondi Explorer bus route. This is not the bus I took, though you can use the map to get the gist of where I was. As you can see, I am all the way out on the far point, #10, and I live right at #17.

And so yeah, that was my adventure for the day. I saw an area of Sydney I hadn't before and I am glad that I did. Next up before I leave, Maroubra Beach.

Here is the facebook album if you would like more pictures.

Have a great day/afternoon/night, where ever you may be.


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