Saturday, May 9, 2009

Spot X surf camp goodness; Australia is full of Canadians...

Hello all,

Just thought I would throw up a quick post to update. Surf camp was awesome! The first day we got there it was crappy weather, raining and such, we still went out and had our lessons in the rain as it doesn't affect the surf. The next two days were beautiful. Sunny and the surf was great. What did suck though was that our lessons were at 7am, meaning we had to get up just after 6 for breakfast before hand. And considering we spent the nights partying it up with everyone, the mornings were rough. Surfing though, is an amazing hangover cure.

Damien and I have met lots of people so far. Lots of Canadians to be honest. It is strange, it is sorta like you come to Australia to meet other Canadians ;) I've got Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and BC covered so far, and of course others who closer by me. Two of the people that worked at the surf camp lived near Toronto, one in Brampton, the other in Scarborough which is about 15 minutes away from home!

I have lots of pictures of the surf camp and will upload some tomorrow. A bunch of us have met up here in Byron Bay and are going to head to the famous Cheeky Monkey's bar tonight. Tomorrow will be a day of surfing on one of the many beaches here in Byron.

I just wanted to let you all know I am still alive, and that my surfing skillz have increased ten-fold. Life is awesome, never forget that :)

Great Canadian Surfer,

AndreW MeadeS

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Mum said...

Yeah!!!! Glad to hear you are having fun and have become an excellent surfer.. I think Canada is full of Aussies too, was at the Jays game last weekend and there were a couple of Aussies behind me.. Two great countries and we are fortunate to live in one of them....
Anyway, love you bud and keep having fun!!!
Mummy xoxox