Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oh Noosa, you could have been so wonderful...

The bad weather started in Noosa hours before we arrived. It just poured rain. And with all that rain, there is not much to do there. It sucks because I have a friend who stayed there for 3 weeks he loved it so much.

Well the first day we arrived we were put into the crappiest room in the hostel and the tiniest room we have stayed to date. Other than that, the people staying there were fun. I met Ashely, from Alaska, and a fun couple from the UK. It turned out that Ashley was on the same schedule as Damien and I for the most part.

Time was passed watching movies and tv shows. I was thankful I'd hauled around my external HD whilst here. And when time wasn't being spent watching movies, it was passed by either drinking or playing cards. I taught everyone how to play crazy 8's, a game that I hadn't even played for the longest time, and we stayed up late playing that. It was good fun.

There was one sunny peroid and when it hit, Damien, Ashley and I grabbed our suits and quickly made it to the beach. Since the weather had been terrible, the surf was huge and I imagine, quite dangerous if you didn't have lifeguards on guard.

Here is a picture of the beach in Noosa.

Here's Ashley and I out getting crushed by some of the big waves. I actually had one curl over my head and toss me like a rag doll. Fun :)

These birds would follow the wave in, and then run away as the wave came back out. It was funny to watch.

Ashley with the big waves in the background.

I caught a little crabbie on the walk back.

We stayed at Dolphins hostel in Noosa.

Damien chillin on the chair. We spent a long while on those when it was pouring.

Our tiny room faced the outside and had a glass front.

It also leaked, but thankfully didn't get any of my stuff wrecked.

Anyways, we made the best of our stay in Noosa that we could have. I couldn't get any surfin in which sucked, but that is how life goes sometimes. Our next stop was Rainbow beach for a night.

N Drew M e a d e s

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Joey K said...

You don't have to go to Australia to catch crabs Andrew.