Sunday, May 10, 2009

Spot X Surf Camp and whats going on in Byron Bay

We left on the Greyhound at 9 pm on the 5th and drove for 8.5 hours. We arrived at the bus stop dark and early, and were waiting to be picked up by the Mojosurf van. I was brutally tired since I didn't manage to get much sleep on the bus, but here I am waiting. The guy was late to pick us up, we passed the time by making friends with two girls from Saskatchewan who got off the bus at the same time though.

The first day was raining and crappy. We went out at 9:30 and had our lesson. It was only

the four of us and the instructor which was great. I learnt the basics of how to stand up properly, and the correct footing positions. Most of the first lesson I already knew. I don't have any pictures from the first day due to the weather. No worries though.

We spent the rest of the day trying to find something to do and spent the night partying around the camp fire with the other people in the camp.

The following day was beautiful. Our lesson was at 7 am so we were up bright and early, with not too bad a hang over as we did go to sleep early due to tiredness. I did better on this day, managing to get up and stay up for longer on the waves. We learnt a little more advanced technique for getting up, but again, not much more than I already knew. The instructor's on this day sucked to be honest. They didn't really care if we were improving out there and spent lots of time goofing off in the waves. The sun was out all day though with no hint of clouds. Umm, I dont have any pictures of me actually surfing at the surf camp. They wanted you to purchase them for $30 or more, and I did not want to. The pictures weren't even good quality and most of the were silouetted from the sun.

After our lesson we went out to the beach to hang, our posse now consisting of Mike and Lisa, a couple from Manitoba, Ashlea, a girl from Florida, Andy, a guy from the UK who lives in Japan and of course, Damien and I. It is actually the same group here with us in Byron as we are all sorta on the same traveling schedule. Now I know you are dying to see what the camp looked like, so here:

I'll insert a movie when can.

And then some pictures from the beach:

Me lookin' cool

There were these little crabs making balls of sand all along the beach.

The photographer, some fisherman, and a random surfer. The beach had a huge tidal zone by the way

The beach did have great waves to learn on. And the surf was good every day regardless of the weather.

The next day was much of the same. Hung over wakenness, have breakfast, and a couple hours of surfing. The food was really good at the camp; I stuffed my face everyday. Damien and I actually left a day early to head to Byron Bay with all of the people we have met. Everyone else was leaving the camp that day so we did as well, which has turned out to have been a great decision. Here are some pictures from the second day:

We hung out and watched the sun set on the beach.

Damien, Ashlea, and Andy looking cool walking up the beach.

From the left: Me, Ashlea, John, Mike and Lisa.

Right now I am in Byron, sore, because we rented surfboards and were surfing all day today. Yesterday was a fun party night. Tonight is going to be a fun party night. Such is the life of a traveller it seems. We are meeting new people everyday which is great, adding more and more to our group. Our latest addition is our roommate, pronounced “yawn” I don't have the faintest idea how to spell it. He is from Switzerland, and can speak French with Damien.

I will post an update and some pictures of us surfing here in Byron soon.

A Meedz

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are having so much fun Andrew !! This is what you went to do !! Enjoy it, don't worry about anything and do everything u can !! Just meet new people and travel ... very jealous !!!

Anyways have an amazing time !

Chris xoxo