Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Clubbin in Brisbane and dreaming of shopping...

I have spent 3 nights in Brisbane. I stayed at Base Hostel which was a good choice.

While in Brisbane we didn't really do much to be honest. The first day we got here we just walked around the city and got oriented a bit. Went out to a club called Bank in the valley, I enjoyed it. The second day Damien and I went for a walk in the Botanical Gardens in the city. We were looking for this bridge that we saw in a picture of Brisbane, walked around for a bit only to realize that it was the frist bridge we saw, and thought it not that. We even asked some locals, who didn't know what we were talking about, their response was 'what do you expect, it's Brisbane.' Appearently there is not much else to do here but club and shop.

One problem though, I don't have any spare money to spend, or even room in my pack for that matter, so that is out of the question.

Check out this fat guy trying to get on a tiny boat. Hehe, I like having a large zoom on my camera.

This is the bridge we were trying to find but had already found.

The roots near the river? stuck out of the ground which looked creepy.

On the second night, after going out again to the Valley, the fire alarm went off at 5:30 am. I woke up dazed (not drunk) to the smell of smoke. For a split second I thought this might actually be a real fire and not just a false alarm. I still took my sweet ass time leaving the building though; I went to the bathroom and grabbed my iPod before leaving. It was a false alarm, they first made an announcement stating that and telling everyone to go back to bed. Two seconds later we were told that we had to evacuate the building.

What really happened I'm not sure. I overheard someone saying that the smoke came from the bar in the basement, but we weren't given any real answers. The whole ordeal reminded me of first year university, and the handful of times some drunken kid would pull the fire alarm in the residences. Only, this time I wouldn't have an exam to write the next day :)

We got a new puppy back home! I didn't even realize that when I skyped but here is a picture of my brother showing her to me.

She makes me want to rush home and see her :(

*** This is a little old info considering I have done half of it already, but I'll keep it here.***

We have the next 2 weeks booked now! The plan goes as such: 3 nights in Noosa, 1 night in Rainbow Beach for orientation to the Self-Drive of Fraser Island, 2 nights on Fraser camping, 1 more night back in Rainbow.

Then, off to the last surfing spot before the Great Barrier Reef ruins the surf with it's awesomeness. We are spending a night at a small town called 1770. I plan on getting a great last day of surfing in there.

After 1770, we are heading to Airlie Beach for a night, then we sail off from Airlie for 2 nights in the Whitsunday Islands. Picture this, a nice sea vessel with 25 or so backpackers just sailing around visiting beaches, swimming and diving. I am going to have my first scuba dive off of the boat. I can't wait, it is going to be unreal.

Then back to Airlie beach, and that is where our planning ends. Most likely, after Airlie will be Magnetic Island, Mission beach, and then our final stop, Cairns!


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