Tuesday, May 26, 2009

1770 to Airlie tonight


I'm just going to start typing up some blog posts from Brisbane, Noosa, Fraser... etc
So you will get some new info soon, and pictures!

The internet here in 1770 is terrible, so hopefully tomorrow in Airlie it will be better. I'll find a way to upload some pics somehow.

After tomorrow, I embark on my Whitsundays sailing trip. I am on a boat called Matador, and while on it I hope to have my first scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef.

I'll take lots of pictures there as well.

I spent the morning here in 1770 surfing it up. I grabbed a 6'4" board and was able to ride it nicely, which I'm proud of as it means I know what I'm doing now. :)

I'm a see if I can make some Skype calls tomorrow. I wanna see the new puppy again!!! Oh and my family too...

Tonight I am on the overnight bus to Airlie beach. It's a 10 hour trip, and I hope it's not too full so I can get a nice sleep in.

Well chat soon,

Andre(w) Meade(s)

P.S. I have started texting to twitter more often, so if you want a better up to date of whats going on, add me, or check the widget on the blog.


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