Sunday, May 17, 2009

Surfers Paradise really looks like a surfers paradise...

We were only in Surfers Paradise for a short stay. Damien and I arrived on Wed afternoon and left Friday morning. That's not that much time to get to know one of Australia's most popular travel destinations to be honest, be we got the gist. The first night we did a pub crawl still with friends made back at the surf camp. That was fun. There were just over 100 of us club hopping and partying together.

The next day was a good ole beach day. No surfing though :( I absolutely love seeing the skyscrapers in the background of the beach. Part of me wishes we would spend more time here because the beach is great, but since this is such a commmercial area, it ain't cheap, and I don't really want to go to any of the theme parks here to be honest so it's better to move on.

Oh some advice - Don't stay at the YHA here in Surfers. It is too far from the city centre. Seriously. We did get a free shuttle to take us from the bus stop to the hostel, but there are only 4 shuttles a day, the latest being at 5:20 pm. The city buses back to the hostel stop at 11:20 pm, so after the crawl, I had to take a taxi back. Shitty. That was a waste of $15, but I really didn't feel like walking the 40 minutes. I wasn't in bad shape Mum, don't worry. So yeah, if you're reading this, heed my advice and do not stay at the YHA in Surfers Paradise for that reason alone. It is clean and a nice hostel, but just has a terrible location.

At least Damien and I have learned to do a little research before we book our hostels now. Our planning is getting better too. So far on our trip all we have really done is go to beaches, surf, and get drunk in different places. As glorious as that sounds, it has gotten boring. It is time to start seeing some sights (alliteration FTW), and doing more then just going out and partying. We are also going to get our Fraser Island and Whitsundays tours booked. I will update on that when we do finally do it.

Next stop is Brisbane.

The first day we arrive was a mix of cloud and sun. This is me and some random surfer. She wasn't that bad...

I really like the horizon. Hmm I have a better picture of this...

Next Day

Walking the walk.

Just a nice shot of one of the lifeguard towers.

Damien soakin' up some rays. With sunscreen of course :)

Grrr. As I was writing this post I hear though my window some drunken retards walking by saying "Fuck Canadians" blah blah something about a 2 dollar bill. I'm pretty sure they were American by their accent, but it is not fair for me to guess without knowing for certain. It doesn't really matter though, all counties have idiots.

Anyways, the movie Into The Wild is was playing in the common area, I am going to go went and continued to watch it.

Bye for now,

Andrew Meades, eh?

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