Monday, April 20, 2009

Sydney Swans v Carlton Blues, and the selling of my surfboard...

UPDATE: My surfboard sold in 5 hours. I'm going to miss her but the money's going to pay for my surf camp so that works out nicely hehe.

On Saturday I headed to a Sydney Swans game. It was an IEP event and a bunch of us headed out there. We got nice hats. It is a strange game, fast paced and follow these rules. It is nothing like rugby in case you were wondering. The ball is kicked from player to player, or passed by punching the ball. There are 4 posts and the goal is to get it between the middle 2 for 6 points. If it goes between the other set it's called a behind and it only 1 point. They play four 3o minute quarters. I understood the game by the end of the first quater.

The refs are awesome in aussie footy. The faceoff in the middle is done by the ref smashing the ball so it bounces 15 meters in the air and the players try and catch it. And when the ball goes out of bounds the refs stand on the sideline facing the crowd and vaults the ball as far as he can back into play.

There are no nets behind the posts so the ball comes right into the stands. We were in a great spot and almost got to catch it a few times.

Look at the ref after he has smashed the ball. They do put a lot of force into it that's for sure.

This is the set-up of the posts.

Notice how our section all has new hats on.

Here's a couple quick clips so you get the gist of it.

More photos are available on this facebook album.

The crowed really got into it and so did all of us. Good fun. Sydney won 82-65 I believe. My battery died before the end of the match so I couldn't get a picture of it :(

Other than that, I've just been preparing for my travelling. I posted my surfboard up on gumtree so that I may sell it. It sold. Wow I went from worrying about selling it to it having sold in 5 hours. I didn't want to haul it around with me when travelling and could use the money. I also got an extra bag so that I can store some stuff at IEP and travel lighter. It is no fun having a backpack that's absolutely full because having to repack it every few days sucks. It's much easier just to take less clothes and do laundry more often. So yeah.

Catch ya on the flip-side,

☠ Andrew Meades ☠

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Anonymous said...

I go to bed last night and we talked about you trying to sell your surfboard and I wake up check your blog and it's gone, awesome!!!
Hope you got good quanza for it....
The football? game looks like it was a lot of fun, I'm glad you went.
Love Mum xoxo