Thursday, April 2, 2009

The lost/forgotten videos of the Blue Mountains/Jenolan Caves trip.

Not that they were exactly lost per say... more like forgotten videos. Forgotten to upload. Anyways, here they are. If you want to see what the cable car ride across, and the railway ride down into the Blue Mountains looks like - check it out. We went there on a beautiful day, warm and sunny; it was just after a few days of rain which helped the mountains have a really special blue tinge. After the caves the tour guide took us to this campground that always has kangaroos around, and guess what, I saw my first kangaroos. It was awesome, especially after being here for months and not seeing any yet.

If you have any questions about them feel free to ask. They don't even have to be about the trip, you can just ask me a question. Though, if it's about the meaning of life I'm just going to say 42. Here are the vids. Also, with my new camera I am able to take high quality videos, so you can kiss this crappy quality goodbye.

My first kangaroo approach. Yes, I sound retarded in the video. I don't know why my voice goes that high...

Here is the Blue Mountains playlist. Check out the blueness.

Here is the Jenolan Caves playlist. It was exciting seeing all the different rock formations.

Hope you enjoyed.

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