Friday, April 17, 2009

My 2 weeks notice, as well as a trip to Bronte...

** hmm I can't seem to upload any pics right now but will when I can
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I am excited. I emailed my boss my 2 weeks notice today. That means the end of my working portion of this working holiday is near! Yes!!! The holiday part starts soon. New places to see, stuff to do, and people to meet. Boo ya.

I worked for 2 hours today and then headed to Bronte beach. It is no longer summertime here in Sydney, and it gets darker much faster. I got to the beach around 330 and that only left me with about an hour and a half of decent sun. It doesn't help that Bronte is surrounded by high hills though either. But yeah, I took some pictures, and had my friend Damien take some of me trying to surf. Well, at least I'm in the water for some of them. The surf was great today, but as I have realized before, Bronte beach is beyond my surfing level. The waves break nicely, but the best spot is right in front of some rocks and there is no way I trust myself enough to try and catch a wave there. Also, it was crowded around the nice break, so there was no way I was going to try there. I don't need to be smashing someone with my board and then smashing myself in the rocks to add further insult.

Once I get better at the fundamentals, which surf camp will bring about I'm sure, I'd fair much better.

But yes, pictures!

And here is a quick video after I was done surfing. Bronte beach is really beautiful, and more secluded than Bondi. You shouldn't drink on the beaches out of courtesy, but it was later and only one, so I gave us permission. Damien thinks that Canada is cold. He might not be wrong in that.

I hope everyone is doing well. I is.

Andrew MeadesssssssS

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