Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bought my Greyhound pass today! I got some mail!!!


I have a date set out to start my travelling up the East Coast. I bought my Greyhound bus pass today (Sydney - Cairns) and I am leaving the 5th of May. The first thing I have planned is a surf camp at Spot X for 4 days, and then it is off to Byron Bay. The rest of the details are still in the making, but I plan on doing a Fraser island camping stint, and diving in the Great Barrier Reef before it's over. I am so happy to finally have a date set; it makes going to work that much easier when you know that it ends soon. I have worked hard to finally afford to this trip and I am going to enjoy every minute of it.

What else? I went to IEP today to pick up a charger for my camera I bought off eBay and I also had 3 pieces of mail I wasn't expecting. Two of them were postcards from my little brother, and the other was a birthday card from my friends back home. That is awesome guys, thank you so much, I almost shed a tear when I read it :) I'm going to have to get your postal codes and send you guys some postcards back!

It is an amazing feeling when you get mail that you are not expecting.

So yeah, tomorrow (Good Friday) I am heading to the beach to relax with friends all day. We are going to have some drinks, maybe an aussie -style bbq, and hopefully if it's nice and warm absorb the sun and frolic in the water. Should be great! I'll bring my camera and take plenty of pictures.

Saturday, I am heading to the MSI concert at UNSW Roundhouse. I am freakin pumped!!! I have not been to a concert where I absolutely love the band in too long.

For your viewing pleasure: Me in Cowboy hat; Me in German Hat.

And that's all, it's 7:41pm right now and I have to figure if I am going out tonight or not. Regardless I have to head to the bottleshop to get some booze for tomorrow. Hope everyone has a good Good Friday and Easter, but I'll be posting before then :)



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