Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Some food for thought, and a homeless guy.

A quick update. Last night I hung out with my friend Ryan, who I know from elementary school, for his last night before he heads back home. I was talking with him about his travels and getting ideas on what I should do. He suggested that I have to go sailing at Whitsundays and showed me some pictures he has. It looks awesome! Imagine being on a boat for a few days, sailing around visiting beaches and going scuba diving! I must do this. It sounds unreal, especially to someone as sick and tired of working as I am. And so sailing will be added to my travel to-do list.

What else. Ah. I was browsing reddit the other day and I came upon a short, but interesting TED talk on The sneaky moves of anti-social smartphone users. Check it out. It is some food for thought about how "Our need to tell a story about our experience through digital documentation, cheapens the experience itself" - stolen from the comments.

As a blogger this is of a particular interest. I have to balance between documenting what I see and do, and still making sure I enjoy the experience. I believe I do this well already, but I will keep this idea in mind.

While you are at the site, check out other TED talks. Some are truly fascinating. I often find that my perception of the world get shaken after watching a great talk; I love it.

What else's else. I was walking back from getting food tonight and there was this homeless guy just being homeless right across the street from the apartment. He was laying there in the doorway sorting through his collection of discarded cigarettes, choosing which ones he wanted to smoke. It was what I figure is the quintessential example of a homeless looked like, so I ran upstairs and grabbed my camera to try and capture him. It didn't turn out the greatest as I still am learning how to work my camera, and I spent too much time trying to shoot him that I got nervous someone might say something and left. Here are the two best (not great though) shots:

The higher iso really degrades the image quality.

This one is in better detail but is much too dark.

Anyways, you get the gist. He looked more homelessy and interesting when he was sorting his cigs but I didn't make it in time to capture that. Oh well.

I think that is all. If anything else exciting happens I will let you know.

Adnrwe Medase

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