Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Where to new addiction to learning...

Its late now, I have updated the blog a bit. Will post again tomorrow.

There are so many things I have on my mind lately, I don't know where to start; I'll just jump in I guess.

I am addicted to learning now. With my job, I am allowed to listen to my phone so I have downloaded some tapes that teach you how to learn French. I listened to 3 hours of them today. I've wanted to know another language for awhile now. It is because I hate it when people converse in a language I don't know. I want to know it. I am also using a website, Babbel, to help me with this as well. It is a really good website if you are looking to study another language, I highly recommend it.

In addition to learning French, I recently have taken to downloading lots of pdf's. On anything and everything that interest me. For example, I was reading this one titled 'Speed Math For Kids The Fast, Fun Way To Do Basic Calculations' by Bill Handley. In the ten minutes I was reading it I learnt a better way to calculate than what was taught to me in school.

If I asked you what 96 x 97 is, how would you go about figuring it out? How long would it take you?

I've always envied the people who could rapidly answer math questions, so in a strive to improve my mathematics, I'll read this book.

The way the book tells you to solve this calculation is to first figure what is the difference of 96 and 97 to the reference number. For them the reference number would be 100. So, 96 is 4 away from 100, and 97 is 3. Write 4 and 3 below 96 and 97 respectively. Then cross subtract either one, ie. 96 - 3, or 97 - 4. The answer you get is 93, and that informs you of the first two numbers of the answer. Then simply multiply 4 by 3 to get 12 to find out the last two numbers. The answer is then 9312. With little practice one can become quite rapid with that, possibly even beating someone who is using a calculator. This is just one example of a speed mathematic method.

So yes, I am doing my best to learn lots while here in Australia. It is kinda ironic though, now after I am no longer in school, I feel more urge to study and learn then I did while at university.

Some other things I will be looking to learn.

Cryptology. I want to write a puzzle book of sorts and need to know some fundamentals.

There is a rubik's cube laying around the house. I want to learn how to do that once and for all. Also, I have a square one, which is like a rubik's cube except that it can form different shapes other than a square. I'll try and learn that too.

I have to get back into reading books. Just in general, and about something that interests me. I want one to bring to the beach, so if you have any suggestions please, feel free. I'm also going to listen to books at work.

My blog. I am going to learn how to add new features to make it more appealing.

I will set aside 30 minutes a day to learn. Anything and everything, I want to know it all.

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