Friday, January 2, 2009

NYE Sydney

Here is a picture and a video. When I get the rest of the pics from Mike ill upload.

And here is a little video of the fireworks. Yes I shout WOOOOOOO!!!! in it a lot. More later but Mike and I are going to head out tonight.

Here is the facebook album.

Peace for now.

1 comment:

Christine said...

HEY HEY !!!!

Those fireworks are amazing from what I can see !!! I don't think your dad could pull off a show like that !! I bet he would love to see that show though !! My gosh, it looked awesome !!

Glad you had a great new years and that picture on the bridge is awesome !! I love it !!!

I can't wait for more pictures !!! Hope your having a great day !!!

Chat soon !