Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Update delayed...But here is my new haircut

Today I had a picnic with a few friends at bondi beach. It was quite fun and was at the beach all day. I am finally getting a tan. I know I am due for an update but am burnt out from 2 beach days in a row and are going to get some sleep instead. Now that I work 5 days a week I try to cram in as much fun as I can on my days off. Once home from work tomorrow I will upload some new pictures, and do some posts. For now though, here is a random picture I have as my background...

Au revoir... for now

WAIT!!! I keep forgetting you all haven't seen my new haircut. I love it short as it is so easy to maintain.

On the ferry waiting to get to Manly beach.

Me sitting on a fence with Manly in the background.

Here is the back of my head, again with Manly in the background.


ameades said...

Wow I look fat in those fence pictures. I'm slowly getting in better shape though spending all the time I can surfing. I do look better with my hair gel in as well.

Mum said...

Thanks for the update and the pics. You don't look fat you look healthy...Keep on having fun....
I love you.

Christine said...

Hey !!! I LOVE the haircut !! It looks great !!! You don't look fat ... you look good by those waves .. we keep missing eachother on skype !! Chat soon, have a great day !!