Thursday, January 22, 2009

To Give Blood ampersand To Rock Out...

I compared and contrasted how the Australian Blood Donor clinic's work to the ones in Canada by donating blood. The processes are pretty much the same but they get milkshakes after donating! I walked around with the bandage around my arm representing all the donors out there; that's right, my blood can go on to save 3 lives what what.

Tomorrow I am heading to Big Day Out. It is the biggest music festival held here in Australia, and I am looking forward to it. I don't ever think I've been to a music festival before, let alone one in another country. But I know that every time I do go to a concert I always think 'Why don't I do this more often', so I am. There is a huge list of bands playing on several stages, so we'll basically go from stage to stage checking out the bands we want to see most. I'll bring my camera and take some pictures for ya.

Keep on rockin,


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Mum said...

Hey, that big day out concert looks awesome...Neil Young!! How cool is that, you go halfway around the world to see a good ol'Canuck as the headliner....Enjoy the show and stay sober....
Love you.