Thursday, November 27, 2008

Day 1 - Here.

There aren't many words in the English language that can describe this; at least not many words that I know. I am here. Australia. I have talked and dreamed about it, worked months for it, and near my departure, even had nightmares about it. And as I sit here and write this, sleep deprived and exhausted as I may be, I still cannot believe it.* It is the most surreal experience. There is nothing in my life that has come close. Even heading off to university, I was only ever an hour away. Now, I am halfway around the world. 15,000 kilometers. It is a distance hard to grasp unless one has had the displeasure of spending a long time aboard a plane. That I will explain more about later.

Now here though, this question resonates in my head: What next? There's no work tomorrow for me, no school assignments, no exams. I am just here. Living. Breathing. Other than some basic to dos, I have no real plan. I like it. This is something I could get used to.

The one real challenge I have ahead of me is to make some friends. Socialize. Before, I found myself being anti-social at times and I hated that. Now, I have no choice but to be social. I engineered it this way. This predicament was set-up to help better myself. Make me care about people I don't know. Make me want to know who they are. Make me want to know their names. And I will. I can already feel it.

So much has changed. And I shall do my best to let you know what to expect if(when) you venture down here. But I am off now to go and eat a crocodile kangaroo burger. Till the next time. Cheers.


*Sidenote. I have just been invited to a porno party at Scubar, the bar underneath the hostel. Interesting.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Andrew, you made it!!! I'm very proud of you. It takes a lot of courage to do what you have done...It was really good to see and talk to you last night (our time) and hopefully, you got yourself sorted out somewhat and maybe even found somewhere to connect to the net that won't cost anything. By now you have been to your party and I trust had fun and met some new friends. Have a great day (Friday for you, early Thursday morning for us)and we'll Skype again soon....Love you! Mum xoxo

Anonymous said...

I forgot to ask, is it for real the crododile burger? If so, you gotta let us know what it is like...

Chromer said...

Meades!!! u made it.. thats good to hear.. like you said, now its time for the real adventure to start

Keep us posted,


Christine said...

Hey !!! Talking on Skype was fun last night !!! I like seeing where u are!! How was your party? Did u meet anyone exciting ? Was looking at some dates today at work for when I can come and visit!! Hopefully sooner than I expected ! I'll leave that to Skype talking ! Anyways did u figure out the money and cell phone thing ?? Let us know. My mom, nanny and I are headed to your house tonight to watch Adam's game tonight. Maybe we'll see u tomorrow on Skype !! I leave mine running all the time hoping to hear from you !!

Have a great weekend !! Did u get to the beach yet ??

Chat soon !! love you, xoxo

Auntie Sally said...

Andrew you are amazing.... what you have been able to accomplish in just two days is unreal. I love talking and seeing you on skype. You look great, even on a rainy day with your new jacket!!!!!!! Can't wait to see pictures of you at the beach, with your surfboard under your arm. We all enjoy reading your blog and everyday its a race to the computer to see which one of us was the first to read your comments. I print them for nanny as she wants to keep them. I slept in your bed last night and woke up lots of time thinking about what you were doing, and where you were.
All the Marsh's are in town for a big Adam tournament so we are off to a hockey game in Whitby. Have a very fun and exciting day. Talk to you soon, Love AS XOXOXO

Robots said...

Yaaaa! You're an adventurer now! I'm jealous. Your going to have an awesome time.... but make sure that you make loads of money, so that you're rich enough to fly me over there. Alright, sounds good. I'll be waiting for my plane ticket in the mail.