Sunday, November 16, 2008


Much effort was put into this banner.

I am really hungover as I write this so bear with me if this doesn't make much sense. But to the point at hand - TEN MORE SLEEPS and then I'm on my way there. I cannot believe how fast the time is going by. I have done everything I needed to do me thinks. Everyday till I leave I am going to post one thing that I am going to miss while I am gone. Here it goes...

10. Shoveling snow. Now I know that might sound weird but there is a certain satisfaction one gets after finishing shoveling the driveway, looking back at the cleared snow and thinking 'Damn, it looks good'; that feeling of accomplishment is what I shall miss.

9. My car/driving on the right hand-side. I shall have to rely on public transportation while I am down there, will probably even give hitchhiking a try. But I shall miss my sexy blue sunfire, that is unless I somehow manage to get enough money to buy a motorcycle down there. Doubtful though. And the whole driving on the left-handed side is going to be different cool.

8. My dog Abbey. Going away for such a long time has its downsides and I have to acknowledge that there is a chance that she might not be around when I get back. She is 12 13? 14? now and very much a part of the family. I do not like thinking that she might pass away but I tend to cover all my bases just in case. I am going to go and give her an extra cookie tonight :)

And yes mum I might even miss Maive (our cat) a bit even though we tend to have a love/hate (mostly hate) relationship.

7. Canadian Beer. Mmmm beer. But yeah I mean the actual brand Canadian, but I am sure I will enjoy drinking all new kinds down under. I'll also be on a mission to find a bar down there thats serves Canadian too.

6. COD 4. Sadly I am addicted. But I think I can live with a trade of that for surfing.

5. Snowboarding. I shall miss it dearly. But again, that can truly be traded off for surfing. I shall try and trade someone snowboarding lessons if they teach me how to surf.

4. Hockey. I most likely wont be able to play down there because getting another set of equipment will be tough. Low and behold, any chance I get to play is a chance that will not be wasted. I will however brag about how damn good I am to anyone that will listen hehehe.

3. To be determined...

2. My friends. See Farewell post.

1. My family. See Farewell post.

** Note. Today I helped my dad shovel off his rink for about an hour and you know what, I think I've gotten my fill of shoveling snow for the year. So #10 is a stupid one.

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Mum said...

Abbey is 12 Andrew and in pretty good shape so let's just think that she will still be here when you come back this time next year. As for Maive well, I think you will miss her too....