Friday, February 27, 2009

An update on the changes...


Here is a little update for ya's. Mike has left; it has been strange since he is gone, but I am glad he is off having fun travelling.

I am still working at Cartier. At this rate it looks like I'll never have enough money saved up to travel. Good news though, I am going to be getting 4 shifts a week now, which should help bring in some more moula. I am also getting a raise to $20/hour now, which is also good. I am getting back into the habit of making my lunches for work, and limiting the number of nights I go out to save money.

I need to find someone to move into my apartment. I will be working on that because the sooner someone is found the better as I am paying for the whole room atm (at the moment). It should not take long to find someone.

I am becoming more active, and looking to engage myself more. I will go to bed early tonight, wake up early, and get some morning exercise to prepare myself for my day. Oh how much more one can accomplish by getting an early start to the day, and so I shall begin.

I have resumed listening to french lessons. I have also placed the Twilight book, and other self-help books on my phone to help me get through the workday.

I posted an Ad on Gumtree a few days ago looking for a business mentor, someone who could provide me some advice on starting my own business and what not. Someone has contacted me from that ad, and we are meeting for coffee at 2pm on Monday. I will let you know how that goes. You can check the ad I posted here.

I am also looking into signing up for classes...for anything. Tai chi, yoga, maybe learning another language, who knows. I will keep my eyes out for something interesting where I could meet people other than a bar.

I believe this is all for now.


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Mum said...

Hey Love,
Hopefully, you are going to be okay without Mike around to help with rent etc..Maybe a new cheaper place for you to live would be a good idea.
I'm glad to hear you are enthusiastic again about learning new things and wanting to find a mentor but, please be careful of who you meet and how much information you provide this person...Please. Treat everyone with cynacism and keep your guard up at all times there are too many wack jobs out there looking to take advantage of people....
Sorry, but I just need to know you will be careful and on guard when you meet this person...
Keep in touch, I love you...
Mum xoxo