Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm still alive...

Hey, I am still alive. Sorry for the post delay but I has been raining here in Sydney for the last week and a bit so I have not been up to anything exciting or worth posting. I am looking forward to the next beach day. I went and saw the movie Ghost Town tonight with my friend Damien; it was a good film.

I need to start getting things back in order. I need to find another job so I can work more hours as I am only getting 24 hours a week now. I need to start exercising regularly and eating healthier. As for my housing situation, I am going to continue living in the same apartment now, just when Mike moves out on the 24th of Feb, my friend Jill will move in to take his place. Other than that, I will continue to work on getting things together, and keeping them that way. I'll keep you updated.

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