Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mike's last night...

Hey, Mike and I are just heading out to a concert at Sydney Uni for his last night here. He leaves at 4am to go and catch his flight to Perth. Things are going to be different now that he is gone, but I wish him the best of luck in his travels. Hopefully we can catch up sooner than later.

I have added some of pictures from Blue Mountains and Jenolan caves.

Check out that link to the album.

Anyways, we're getting ready to go. I'll keep you updated on what changes.



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Chromer said...

Have a good time celebrating Mike's departure, I'm sure you will see him in your not-so-distant travels. Those are some nice pics from the album on fb, some of those waterfall/outdoor pics are amazing. And i gotta say, you had me excited for a brief second last week.. I thought those kangaroos were koala bears lol. Have you gotten a chance to eat any kangaroo meat yet? Or would that be comparable to eating cats in canada..
Hope work and travelling are still going well, Later.