Thursday, March 26, 1981

Exercise List

I am so out of shape it is time I list my exercises as encouragement to do more. Feel free to post suggestions of healthy ideas/exercises.

I am traveling now so it's going to be harder to get some exercise? Hmm, I might just be making excuses. Damien and I are going to push each other to get exercise every now and then, just so we don't get too fat.

May 1 2009 - 100 pushups 100 situps 80 swats

April 25 2009 - Finally got my lazy ass out running tonight. 25 minutes.

April 20 2009 - 100 pushups 100 situps 70 swats

April 16 2009 - 90 pushups 80 situps 60 swats

April 9 2009 - 80 pushups 80 situps

April 6 2009 - 80 pushups 60 situps

April 5 2009 - An hour and a half of surfing.

April 2 2009 - 20 minute run. It went a lot better then the first. I think I might increase the amount of time by 5 minutes each run. I've established a nice route to run.

March 31 2009 - 3 sets of 20 sit-ups and push-ups.

March 27 2009 - 3 sets of 20 sit-ups and push-ups. I need to find some other exercises I can do in my room after I get home from work.

March 26 2009 - 15 minute run. Brutal. Made me realize how out of shape I really am and produced this to counteract that out of shapeness.


Anonymous said...

Good!! Keep at it, you are too young to be out of shape and eating so poorly..

Christine said...

Do push ups ... it works the core, back and arms !!!

Actually Download 8 minute abs, its good, I really like it !!

I'll send u the file !

ameades said...

Yup, I let it get too far. But at least I have realized that and now am going to change it. And Christine I'll download the 8 min abs forsure, you know any other exercises that are good to do with minimal or no equipment??

Trev said...

If u buy a yoga ball, there are thousands of easy core and oblique workouts that you can perform at home. But if u cant find one, continue to do your regular push ups and sit-ups however, increase the difficulty. Ex. Diamond or one-handed push-ups. Inclined Sit-ups.

Let me know if they help.

ameades said...

That sounds like a good idea, once I get comfortable doing 100 of each I'll switch up the style. I'll wait on the yoga ball till I get home, no need to bring that travelling with me ;)