Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Google Wave - Google's newest way to communicate...

Hey all who come here, I would like to show you Google Wave; it's basically Google's answer to 'What would it be like if email was invented now?'. It's a simple to use program combining Email + Social Networking + Instant Messaging. This can help you share your traveling experience easier!

Watch the first 20 mins for a demonstration.

Just of the top of my head, some things that this could have helped me, and can help you, when blogging or communicating abroad.

1. It makes sharing pictures between people much easier. No more browsing 4 different facebook albums.

2. Posting about your experience becomes simpler too with the Bloggy add-on.

3. Also, you can get proper feedback from people who see the blog, answer questions right on the page and so everyone can see them.

4. There are add-ons for Video/Audio chats, so if everyone get this (which I hope they do when its released) it's easy to communicate. I had to go around and get all my friends and family to download Skype so I could video chat with them, and they were rarely ever signed on.

Those are just a couple off the top of my head. I hope as a future or current traveler you can appreciate how this will make sharing your travels with everyone easier.

It's not out just yet but they are giving out 100,000 invites tomorrow for the public to try. You'll probably have to wait until all the bugs are cleaned out, but that's okay!

Hope all is well,

Any questions feel free to ask,


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