Sunday, June 7, 2009

My last day in Australia...

So this is it, my final day here in Oz. I don't know how I feel really. Wait. That's a lie, I do actually. It's a mixed feeling. I am sad to say goodbye to Australia, a country that has treated me so well. One that has helped me learn more of who I am. Helped me understand more of this world and of its people. But I am also happy. Happy to head back home and see faces that I have missed, and to a place where I grew up; one that is forever familiar.

What sort of things am I doing as a final goodbye? Nothing really. I ate an Ogalo chicken burger, a chain here in Sydney that I like. Other than that, nothing. I lived in Sydney for 5 months. I've done the city. Now, all that's left is my arrival back.

Back to home. Back to family and friends. Back to pennies. Back to my car, dog, cat and a new puppy. Back to work. Back to where I was before I left.

It wont be the same though.

Things have changed. I have changed. Changed, so that even though I will be heading back to where I was before, it wont feel the same. Home will never be the same. My view of where I came from will be different. I have seen some of what this world has to offer and will automatically compare that to home. Don't get me wrong, home is still home, just not like it was before. The same way you change once you head off to university and come back. That same change, only a greater one. And this change is exactly what I was looking for, and needed, so I am glad.

Now, the next step for me is to figure out what I am doing with the rest of my life. Too easy :)

Good bye Australia. I love you and will miss you.

Andrew Hamilton Meades

** I am still working on the rest of the posts but will not be able to post them for a few days, so hang with me till then **

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